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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Fastclick Advertising Network Review

FastClick Ad Network
is a CPM network offering pop-unders, 728/468 banners, 160/120 skyscrapers, invue, interstitial, medium rectangle, rectangle, half page and even text ads. A large selection that will make it extremely easy for you to find the ideal ad unit for your website setup.

Their interface is very easy to use. You simply select the ad type, activate that ad type in the campaign menu and then get the ad code from the ad code list. You can then select if you want pages to open in a new page (good for user retention). Just copy and paste the given code and you are set to start earning some revenue.

The advertisements need to be placed within the first 600 pixels of the screen and your site should generate more than 3000 unique page views per month and maintain a click-through rate of above 0.25%, otherwise they can terminate your account.

You have total control of the campaigns you are running on the site. All it takes is to go through the campaign list for a specific ad unit and deselect the campaigns you don’t want to show. For most of the popular ad units there are lots of campaigns to select from, you should quite easily find some that should compliment your site.

The payout is 65% of ad revenue and eCPM varies from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the ad type and campaign selected. They pay either by check or via Paypal and payments are done after the 25th of the second month. (Basically net 30)

Their support is also excellent. I had a problem with one ad campaign, and the problem was solved within 24 hours. Quite refreshing when compared to other networks where you need to wait for at least 3 days for any form of support.

I’ve been using them for eight months now on a site with moderate traffic, and the results are very good. With a lot of page views and mainly US traffic you should do exceptionally well.

You can join here

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