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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Casale Advertising Network

Join Casale Media!

After some time, I've finally gotten my own top-level domain - www.spacewallpapers.net for my space wallpaper site. Being totally free, I rely heavily on advertising to pay for the hosting costs of the site.

I'm happy to say that with the top-level domain I also got into a first-tier advertising network: Casalemedia.com, and I must say they are great. Here are my experiences with them so far.

I registered on a Monday. There was some problem with my e-mail address and Jason Blake, their Senior Account Manager, contacted me personally to sort it out. By Wednesday I was a registered member and could start serving ads.

Their interface is EXTREMELY easy to use. I didn't even have to read any FAQ or anything to get started. What's more, you have total control over the campaigns you allow on the site. You can very easily select and deselect which campaigns you want to run.

They offer ad units as pop unders, 728x90 banners, 120x600 skyscrapers and 300x250 medium rectangles. One ad unit I missed was the 460x80 ad unit. This could cause some incompatibility if your site is not designed to handle the larger 728x90 format.
Adding their code is an easy, hassle free "copy and paste" procedure, which should be no problem, even for a novice.

Their CPM payout is the highest I've seen so far, in comparison with the ad agencies I've used to date. They pay you 70% of the income generated by campaigns, quite nice. The only problem I have is that they normally only fill around 40% - 50% of my inventory. Luckily it's easy to chain another ad agency in conjunction with Casale so you don't lose out on impressions.

They are primarily focused on US impression, so if you generate most of your traffic from the US you should do really well with them.

  • A top level domain name (eg. http://www.yourdomain.com)
  • Unique high quality content
  • A focused user base
  • At least 10000 unique visitors a month
  • No links to, or sites containing illegal or inappropriate content
If you are a webmaster and looking for an advertising network, I can highly recommend them, so if you are interested you can sign-up here

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