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Friday, September 15, 2006

Google Pack Available Internationally... well almost.

I was very pleased to see that Google has made referrals for their Google Pack software suite available to international publishers, at least according to their latest e-mail:

After analyzing your site, our team concluded that you'd be a good match to try a new feature called AdSense referrals for Google Pack. Referrals will enable you to generate additional revenue from your site by referring visitors to download Google Pack. When a user you've referred downloads and runs the product for the first time, you'll earn up to US$2.

After logging into my Adsense account I was extremely disappointed to discover that the Google Pack was not provided as an option under the referral tab. I cleared my cache, refreshed the page and even tried a different browser, thinking that the problem was at my end. Alas the Google pack referral remained unavailable.

When all else fails it's time to go directly to the source. I e-mailed Adsense support and it would appear that Google Pack referrals are available to international publishers, but on a limited basis.

Thanks for your email. While it's true that we've begun a limited release of the Google Pack referrals to international publishers it isn't currently available to all of our publishers. We hope to expand the list of referral products offered worldwide soon and appreciate your patience
in the meantime.

The Google Pack is an excellent collection of "must have" software for all PC users so I would jump at the opportunity to be able to refer my site visitors (generating revenue being an added bonus). I guess I will have to be patient and wait until it does indeed become available internationally to all publishers.

A word to Adsense though... Don't make misleading statements like "Google Pack available internationally", when it is only available for some countries during your limited release. Also ensure that you only let publishers know about new features when they can actually make use of it!

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