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Friday, August 25, 2006

Adsense for search - Do's and dont's

Adsense has recently introduced a new feature to Adsense for Search. Previously when a visitor used an Adsense for Search box on your site, they were taken to a page served by Google when they viewed the result of their searches.

With the new "Open results within my own site" feature, you can display the results on your own page. This allows you to maintain the look and feel of your site and retains visitors that might have otherwise left your site.

Being quite a new feature, I had some questions about what is and isn't allowed to be done with this feature. I e-mailed the Adsense team and this is what they had to say:

No normal Adsense Units: You are not allowed to place normal Adsense ad units on a page that displays Adsense for search results. The Adsense ads are already integrated into the results (at top and bottom of the result page).

No third-party ads: You are not allowed to display any third-party ads on result pages. These include CPM banner ads even if they are not contextual.

Referrals: No official policy exists about displaying Adsense referral buttons on result pages.

No modification of code
: As usual you are not allowed to modify the code provided. This includes modifying the width and height of the frame.

Hopefully this will be useful to you as well. I must say that this is another great feature the guys at Adsense came up with. It's easy to implement and in the end it looks much better than the previous method of displaying the results.

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